polski angielski niemiecki rosyjski

Strona główna

The Tatras cast a spell over people because whoever beholds their grey silhouette against the blue sky feels drawn to them, and whoever looks upon them usually becomes their faithful admirer.
The Tatras are the highest mountains not only in Poland, but also in the entire Carpathian system. The highest mountain is the Gerlach Peak (2655m) on the Slovakian side. The tallest Polish peak is Rysy (2499m) located on the border with Slovakia in the vicinity of Morskie Oko Lake. The Polish Tatras cover only about one fifth of the entire mountain range and are divided into two parts: the Western Tatras and the High Tatras ( Tatry Zachodnie and Tatry Wysokie respectively).
Zakopane,is called the winter capital of Poland and has a 400-year-old history. At 800m Zakopane is squeezed between the Tatra peaks on the north and the Gubałówka Ridge on the south. It serves as the base for tourism, hiking and skiing. You need to come here to know the Tatras atmosphere, Zakopane, surroundings and people. If you want to know the Tatra atmosphere and the climate of this place and mountains better, you should listen to the lyrics of one of the mountain songs: :

„Góry nase góry, hole nase hole ,
kto wos barzyj Kocho jako my górole;”

Zakopanemis a resort. It has many things to offer: beautiful views, walking trails, hot springs, local culture, music, dancing, colorful costumes, interesting shows and festivals. If you like good food you should come to Zakopane and try our local food: ‘oscypek’ cheese, lamb, pork and many other local specialities.
One of the most popular festivals organized in Zakopane is the International Festival of Folk Dance and Music. It takes place in August every year. Folk bands from many countries come to Zakopane and show their culture connected with mountains. The festival starts with a parade. All the bands walk along the main Krupówki Street wearing their costumes, singing and dancing. It is a fantastic show. Then, every day there are individual shows of the bands in a big tent. The festival lasts for one week. It is a big holiday for the lovers of folklore.
In winter Zakopane is a host of the Word Cup in Ski Jumping. The competition draws fans of that sport from all over Europe.
Zakopane offers many attractions both in summer and winter.
- Spring Jazz Festival (United Europe Jazz Festival)
-Mountain Film Festival (every autumn)
-Zakopane Days “Sursum Corda”
-International Festival of Organ music
- Andrzej Bransztataer and friends Meeting with Music
-Tatrzanskie Wici Show

There are many museums in Zakopane which are dedicated to famous Polish writers, composers and artists who lived here in the past. Atma Museum (dedicated to Kornel Makuszyński and his work; concerts of his music are organized there). Koliba, the Tatra National Park Museum, Kasprowicz Museum in Harenda, Kornel Makuszyński Museum (he wrote for children and was their friend and his most known character is Koziołek Matołek). His house together with the museum is located next to our guesthouse.
We have to tell you about the Shrine in Krzeptówki Street which was built to appreciate the survival of John Paul II, our beloved Pope, the Old Church and the old graveyard Na Pęksowym Brzysku, where famous people connect with Podhale region and Zakopane are buried, and other beautiful churches and chapels including a famous Chapel in Jaszczurówka.